Clairon County man jailed after having sex with 14 year old at  Knox Volunteer Ambulance building

Seth Cataldo was arrested and jailed after he had what he calls “wanted sex” with a 14 year old girl at the Knox Volunteer Ambulance building in August. Cataldo and his family are posting everywhere people will listen that this is a consensual relationship, and that the 14 year old girl came onto the 26 year old man, and the family goes on to shame the 14 year old repeatedly online.

Cataldo is charged with the following crimes. 

  • Statutory Sexual Assault: 11 Years Older, Felony 1
  • Aggravated Indecent Assault – Complainant Less Than 16, Felony 2
  • Corruption of Minors, Misdemeanor 1 (two counts)
  • Indecent Assault Person Less than 16 Years of Age, Misdemeanor 2
  • Explore clarion is reporting the following,
  • According to a criminal complaint filed by Knox Borough Police Chief Jason Bowen, the alleged incident occurred on August 18 around 6:30 p.m. after a known 14-year-old female was dropped off at the Knox Volunteer Ambulance building where she met with Cataldo.
    The criminal complaint states that Cataldo and the juvenile allegedly proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse on a bed inside the North Main Street building.
    “During the course of the investigation, Facebook records were obtained which corroborated Cataldo’s knowledge of the victim’s age, as well as confirming sexual intercourse occurred.
  • The family of the 14 year old went on to file a pfa while he was incarcerated, he has since made bond.
  • A source told the following to Butler News
  • He baited a 14 year old girl through Facebook. He started by acting like a good “role model” since he knew the parents but then switched it by playing dumb and asking her inappropriate questions. The child started sending pictures of herself that weren’t sexual and he would ask for more revealing photos. A lot of pictures were exchanged through Snapchat but some on other social media’s and text. Eventually he asked for her to meet him at the Knox Ambulance during Horse Theif, in which he described it in detail in a message. She met him there and since the town was busy, and he was the only one working the actual station he took her on the bedroom and had sexual intercourse with her. Later, he asked her to meet him at another location that was now described as the Fire House of Knox, described l the back
    Room which is the banquet hall. A few days later, the girl asked Seth if he had “cum” inside her because she was fearful of getting pregnant. He offered numerous options, morning after pill, pregnancy test etc. The girl asked if they could low key date but Seth wasn’t interested. He said that there’s no way they could get away with dating because “shes 14” but that he was ok with them continuing what “they were already doing”. The girl was upset that Seth didn’t want to continue the relationship. Police were notified shortly after and about a week after the report was filed, the Knox police confiscated his cell phone. An hour or two after that he swallowed 4 bottles of pills and made the written statement that “ I fucked up. i can’t  handle the consequences that I’m about to get once everyone knows what I did!” He was found the next day by Knox police after reports that he didn’t show for Work. He was in clarion hospital for about a week after having surgery and being on a vent. He was arrested sept 27th after not being able to post bail at his arraignment but his parents did in fact, bail him out later that night. “
  • Seth-Christopher-Cataldo-mugshot-44881030.400x800

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