Jamie Lee for Mayor makes delusional post, refuses to talk to the media about her husband killing a teen

The following is one more delusional post from a candidate running under an assumed name as her husband is a killer. Can not let that get out in the media right? Below is her assumed name statement.

“With the reality of Friedman’s closing in downtown coming to light I want to chat about a few things.

Having a grocer in downtown is an absolute MUST for our community. So many residents depend on the access they have to a local grocer, many without transportation abilities. By losing Friedman’s we are losing a business so many depend upon.

I’ve begun seeing calls to action to entice a larger corporate store to come to our community, and on some levels I think it would be great, but there is a major part of me that would like us to look at a second solution prior to putting all our effort behind one option.

Downtown is a business district that has thrived on small business. Local community members invested in the community they provide services too. By keeping it small and keeping it local it allows other small business to stay competitive in pricing and marketing. I truly feel that bringing in a large corporate store could undermine and destabilize our small business community.

I’ve begun reaching out to current community businesses to discover if there is a drive for a local business to take over the need we have for a grocer. I’ve spoken with one business owner, who currently operates two storefronts in the city, with an interest in possibly expanding and opening their own grocer. A grocer that would possibly combine with local farmers to provide fresh produce and meats giving legs to a more locally stalked grocer. While maintaining the communities ability to stay competitive and providing an option for our local farmers to also capitalize. While I am not sure that this is the the exact path or even feasible, I feel it is best to explore as an option before tying ourselves to a singular option.

Now, the need for the city to also grow a more marketable corporate business sector is a very real aspect and I believe a more viable solution could be found by looking to the now empty KMart shopping plaza. I would like to see us begin to work with a developer to rework that area, bringing in those larger corporate stores that are lacking in the township area (Old Navy, Trader Joes, Marshall’s, etc), creating more of a draw into our city. By utilizing this area of the city for corporate expansion we will preserve the small business district and create a market district that compliments one another rather than detract from one another.

In closing, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Friedman’s for their years of dedicated service. You have been a cornerstone of Butler City for many years and have provided, to the residents, a great service. We will miss you greatly and wish you the best!”

Once again “Lee” has no clue what in the hell she is talking about! How does she fathom that another store can open where a failed store was? NEWS FLASH—This store closed due to lack of business, nothing else. ALSO–People can ride the bus, people in the city are able to get jobs, and a job provides a car for these people you insist just can never get out of the City.

Lee thinks that maybe bringing a Giant Eagle or something into the city will work? Is she joking? No matter who is in this building, the public will not want to shop at this store as it will face the same issues the existing store faced.

It is always nice to get smoke blown up your ass right.

What Jamie does NOT talk about is the fact that her husband was driving drunk and killed a kid, Lee then went on Facebook blaming the child for walking around at night. I think some of the screen shots I release of the things this woman said will shock the normal viewing public, Sadly her base is welfare. And when you offer to keep giving handouts with no way to pay for it, I am sure the queen of giveaways will garner a lot of votes from the city residents.



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    • I have no dog in this fight, as I work as a vendor in the stores of Butler, but I’m not a resident, BUT, I can tell you that the Friedman’s closing was due both to lack of sales AND poor management/ownership. Friedman’s is on a death spiral, and barely paying their bills.
      It saddens me, as a big part of my business is Friedman’s.
      I have grown to really love Butler and the surrounding communities, and see this, the reminance of Pullman center, the struggles of Clearview Mall as a sad sign of the direction retail is heading.


      • THE store was a shit hole. Retail, as we have been use too, is going to get a lot worse. IN any case, BUTLER is better off with out a dump like Friedman’s.


  1. After witnessing her brutally F-bomb a kind elderly person, nothing she does or says surprises me. What an absolutely horrible, disgusting narcissist.


  2. Wrong, Joe. Since her spouse has the ability to contribute towards or influence her thoughts or positions, he’s actually super relevant. He’ll be at lots of public events if she wins, and he still could get charged with murder–would that be a distraction if it happens? No statute of limitations on murder. If he wasn’t already a problem, she’d likely be running under her real name and not a fake. More relevantly, though, did you happen to go to her self-thrown divorce (from first husband) party at the Monroe Hotel? The one where she wore her wedding dress and made a fool of herself? That’s almost as mature as marrying a murderer and then running for mayor. Know your candidates.

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      • Here’s a hint, it’s not Goehring (which is what was announced for the debate.). Why did they think it was Goehring? Did she correct them?

        What do you think her last name is, Joe?


      • That is her real name. Next time you want to say something you better get the right information. I don’t get what her husband did has anything to do with her running for mayor……btw her first husband was a piece of shit. We all do questionable things but we all have our reasons. Everyone makes mistakes. We are only human. Butler needs something because it is a shithole!!!!


  3. She must be embarrassed to use her married name as she should be since she is married to a criminal DUI offender who took the life of a young man by his ignorance and stupidity of driving drunk her judgement is definitely flawed she will bring nothing good to the failing city of butler


    • That is her real name. Next time you want to say something you better get the right information. I don’t get what her husband did has anything to do with her running for mayor……btw her first husband was a piece of shit. We all do questionable things but we all have our reasons. Everyone makes mistakes. We are only human. Butler needs something because it is a shithole!!!!


  4. “Concerned” citizen, ask yourself: why wouldn’t she want her last name on her signs for mayor? After all, “Concerned” citizen, her real last name is Goehring, right? So…WHY NOT? Hmmm. And you’re right, “Concerned” citizen–everyone makes mistakes…But NOT EVERYONE marries a murderer, verbally assaults the elderly, and runs for mayor. So get the right information before you make uninformed posts, “Concerned” citizen. Butler has turned into a $hit-hole–and by standing up for a disgusting human being, you’re PART OF THE PROBLEM. So, in your own way, you DO contribute to society. Super contribution, “Concerned” citizen!


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