Tom Donaldson goes “balls deep” on his write in campaign for mayor.

Tom Donaldson has posted the following message to his Facebook page.

Write-In Mayor Tom Donaldson

“Ok an update. Yes we are out campaigning, yes we will be on multiple billboards, signs will be out soon! NO I Was Not Welcome to join the debate. I guess those running the debate are trying to protect the other two candidates for Mayor from being out done a second time. That’s fine!

How will all these people handle a win by the write in candidate? Likely it will not be handled well.

With all the platitudes and promises being made by them I guess they don’t realize that the Mayor is but one of 5 votes at the council table. I was able to accomplish much with a good council that was willing to work to better the city. The last election changed the council and in the last two years council has obstructed any plans to make the changes needed to address the serious issues regarding our finances.

The Mayor’s primary duty in our established form of city government is to oversee the Police department, not run around with wishes and platitudes. The Mayor also names the persons serving on the Redevelopment Authority as terms expire, names those on the Shade Tree Commission and nominates ,for the approval of council, those who will serve as members of the Stadium and Facilities Board. Any of the other promises and platitudes are nothing more than ” feel good” BS.

So the voters have a choice to make… for inexperienced novices who do not realize the promises they make are not going to do a damn thing to fix the city…… OR ….. the voters will write in Tom Donaldson and give him a new city council so we can get back to solving problems”

You can see Donaldsons Facebook page by clicking this


Uncle Tommy D has finally gone balls deep in his belief that he can win a write in for Mayor.

In other News, Jamie Lee does not approve of this message, and she has told her husband to run Donaldson over with his car. (Not like he ever got any real charges out of that huh?)




  1. WATCHING the people that run this city is like watching the KEYSTONE COPS or THE LOONY TUNES. I WISH i would have never bought my house in this shit hole. Things were not this bad 15 years ago. NOW we have a drug attic stripper and a so called business man running for mayor.


  2. I don’t care for him, but he is the only one in running with some experience. TOM is right about one thing that he is only 1 of the 5 votes to move things along. THIS vote is about who can do the least damage to an already screwed up city.

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