Anthony Kovocovsky, 78,killed in North Main Street Accident

Anthony Kovocovsky was killed in a two-vehicle accident on North Main Street Extension Tuesday.

The T-bone crash involved a Chevrolet Tracker SUV and a Ram pickup truck around 3:15 p.m. at the intersection of Route 8 and Evans Road, near the Bon Aire shopping plaza.

The female driver of the truck was not injured when she hit the man running the red light.




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  1. Sad when a irresponsible driver causes the death of another I see wrongful death suit coming fast against this horrible driver who failed to obey the law


    • The article reads that the person hit and killed was the one who ran the red light indicating that it was not the woman’s fault. Unless the person at the Butler Citizen is too stupid to use correct punctuation, which is entirely possible since it’s Butler. Therefore there would be no wrongful death suit.


    • Just a thought, because she blew through the red light & hit the suv the man was in. So technically it’s her fault. The law requires drivers to Stop at red lights. She’ll most likely see some jail time & a lawsuit. Let alone she should hope her insurance will cover it if she disobeyed the law. She’ll be paying for years to come. Very Sad story. If she was late for work at ponderosa, driving fast & careless wasn’t a good choice. Still didn’t make it & now she took a life. Slow down & arrive safe.

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  2. A person blew thru a red light by WALLMART today and this was almost a repeat of what we have here. RED LIGHTS don’t stop cars, people do. MANY times, the drivers are not paying attention like when using cell phones. STAYING alive is up to you.

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  3. It is easy for people to condemn another without knowing any facts. A person has lost their life and another person is going to have to live with that forever. It isn’t about lawsuits. This is what is wrong with the way people think nowadays. My deepest sympathy to both families.

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  4. This site is messed up now, adds that automatically play and can’t even mute or stop them. Traffic on this site will go down.


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