Name “Butler News” to be phased out-owner to leave, many changes coming, app and scanner next week!

An executive decision has come upon everyone aligned with Butler News, recently Butler News has acquired the trademark of Butler Citizen, with this said, and that the fact I am no longer “running the show” The name Butler News will be phased out, and everything from this point will change to Butlercitizen.com

There will be new Facebook pages coming, a Facebook that I will no longer personally run. All of the pages will be merged at one point this coming week. There will be more details on this.

Butlercitizen.com will be a more professional website, more professional Facebook pages, as well as an app that is in the works to launch soon, as well as a live scanner feed to launch soon.

A lot has been said of Butler News of the last few years, some love me, some hate me. Believe that I will personally still run the website, but my hands will be out of the app,and social media.

I have decided a change is needed as I have opened a new chapter in my life. I have a rather successful business, I have a few health issues that I am dealing with, I have a few private family issues that I am dealing with.

I am working on other projects, as well as taking care of all of these pages, my work hours are around 70 hours a week for the last five months. I am sorry, the decision has been made for me to step aside and let others have a hand at this.

Myself giving up main control is what is best for this page, it is best for business, growth and add revenue. The page started out as a Facebook, its now grown to all types of social media, I have been advised to make an app, and run a scanner feed, these are things I do not have the time to do, wherefore I have found multiple people that can do this, and for the new editor to take over the page, they would only take the page if I step down, this I have agreed to. Much will stay the same, you will just be able to find Butlercitizen.com everywhere you can come next week, scanner feeds, apps, so after thought, it is best I take a step back and let people with more professional experience take over the helm.

Thank you

Justin Castilyn



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  1. Justin going to miss you on here. Hope you still check in and give your opinion. Thank you for all you have done on here and the time you devoted to keep it interesting. You always gave your honest thoughts and opinion. Sending out to you best wishes for your health to improve and your family members also. Take care Justin all you have done is much appreciated.

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  2. This site is messed up now, adds that automatically play and can’t even mute or stop them. Traffic on this site will go down.


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