Here is a copy of the federal lawsuit against President Judge Thomas Doerr “Try not to blush” when reading

Here is a copy of the lawsuit against Judge Thomas Doerr, click the link to read the full lawsuit, only seen on Butler News

If the alligations are true this will be the end of “Mr Perfects” career

You can see he is accused of forcing his will on a female.

Doerr is accused of placing a non trained person in adult probation for his own sexual satisfaction and needs.

Doerr was married at the time, why is he a good Judge of character in divorce and civil cases when he is said to be making these decisions.

Doerr told this probation office to break the law by driving after she underwent a medical procedure.

Doerr engaged and is accused of pressuring a woman to engage in sexual relations when she was on Anesthesia. (This can be considered rape)

Lawsuit alleges that Doerr told the victim not to feel any sort of attraction to him, that he was married, and she must tell no one.

Alleged victim was summonsed during court hours to Doerrs chambers for sex, Victum said she felt that she had to have sex with the Judge.

Doerr continued to share naked images, porn and asked the Plantiff to masturbate for him.

Doerr went as far as to force Bill Starns into retirement-as Doerr wanted to still have sexual relations with his wife. (One good thing Doerr did)

You can read the rest yourself, but this is a sign of clear corruption in the courts. I do not personally understand how Doerr can Judge others, when he is alleged to have made such poor decisions himself!

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One must call into question Judge Doerr being in control of PFA Court and Domestics. Reading this lawsuit you will see allegations of threats of death, you will see that Doerr basically made a probation officer make a “rap video” making fun of people placed on probation and parole in his courtroom
Here is the first nine pages of the lawsuit, click the pda above to read the full suit. 



  1. She is just as much at fault, crystal treated Judge Doerr as her toy, a free pass, if she didn’t get her way in the officer she would cry to the judge!
    Believe me, Doerr wasn’t the first person to take a romp with officer Starnes


  2. He is a pig sitting up on the bench judging others when he is clearly a slim ball but funny she said she didn’t enjoy the sex or get any satisfaction lol looks like the county will be paying Hush money for this one

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  3. If this is all accurate, Doerr is a complete dirt bag but what a surprise, a corrupt system….This woman is not so innocent either though but I guess she had to spread her legs to get ahead, she should be in Hollywood. Interested to see just how much the other defendants were involved in things because one is a pastor at Butler First United Methodist.


  4. This site is messed up now, adds that automatically play and can’t even mute or stop them. Traffic on this site will go down.


  5. All these comments assume that what this plaintiff is saying is true. I don’t believe a word of it. Judge Doerr has always been professional and appropriate in every situation I have seen. This seems like a wimpy money grab.


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