Bridgeville woman wanted for Homicide police ask for shares 


Please Share!!!

As the result of a joint investigation between the Bridgeville Police Department and the Allegheny County Police Department (Homicide Unit). A joint agency arrest warrant has been obtained for Latoya Marie Rosiek, AKA “Toy” (picture attached) for her alleged involvement in the delivery of Fentanyl which contributed to the death of a Bridgeville resident on December 26, 2016. “Toy” is a biracial female, 32 y/o, 5ft3in, 150 lbs. she is known to frequent the Cecil Township, Canonsburg Borough, City of Washington, and Bridgeville areas. She has chosen to not cooperate with the investigation and is wanted on the following charges: 1) Drug Delivery Resulting in Death. 2) Criminal use of a Communication Facility (using cell phone to set up a drug deal). 3) Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Fentanyl). 

I am asking for the public’s assistance in helping us locate this fugitive! Let’s show her what a powerful tool social media can be! If you know of Latoya Rosiek’s whereabouts and can let us know, you have several options: Call our dispatch, non-emergency# 412-279-6911, call our department 412-221-6052, comment on the post, or send a private message through FB. You will be kept confidential if you so desire.
NOTE TO LATOYA: I have known you since you were a teenager living in Bridgeville. Let’s end the foolishness, do the right thing and turn yourself in. You will be treated fairly. Here’s what you are up against… this post will more than likely reach well over 100,000 people within the next 24 hours, or less. This department has a success rate of 100% when utilizing social media to locate and apprehend wanted felons. The odds are not in your favor. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be reading this post within the next few hours. Your chest will begin to tighten, your heart will begin to pound, you may start trembling and break into a sweat as you are overcome with feelings of nausea. You will soon realize that people you once trusted are now diming you out. It’s not worth the stress on you, your family, or your children to continue running and looking over your shoulder. I will tell you the same as I have told others… WE WILL FIND YOU.

Chief Chad King
~The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion~


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