First ever 3x idiot of the week Kylee Eshenbaugh tells Butler News she is going to sue me because I am not the Butler Eagle

May I present the first ever three time idiot of the week. Kylee Eshenbaugh who now sent me this message.

“If youre going to post stuff about my situation why lie about it like you said its in the paper no drugs where found as i dont do drugs and no needles were in my car and i did not wreck i drove for 2 seconds to park because their dad eho was sober got out of the vehicle while we were agruing my tires popped from parking half way on side walk. You are going to have a civil suit for slander”

AGAIN notice all of the misspellings-But anyways let me break this all down-The Police lied, the Butler Eagle LIED, and her tires popped magically. And YES she appeared in the Butler Eagle the other night, but the Eagle can post Police reports–So she is going to sue me? Literally this girl is an idiot. If you do not know who I am referring to here is her past links from appearing on this page the last few days. Click the link to read the articles.

Here is part of the Butler Eagles article on the incident-but ya old Butler News is always lying-goddamn snowflake!

“Mother faces DUI, other charges”

“A Clinton Township mother is accused of being more than double the legal limit for alcohol and on prescription medication while driving with two small children in her car last month in Butler.

Kylee L. Eshenbaugh, 23, faces a hearing in November on misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs, and child endangerment.

Butler police filed the case Oct. 4 at the office of District Judge William Fullerton.”

****Google her name and her links will appear****

ALSO-let me school you on something, as of this time according to dockets you do not have an attorney, it is NOT Slander but Libel. Please before making threats of a lawsuit have some sort of idea what you are talking about.

One does NOT get charged with DUI as a passenger- If you are planning on hiring a lawyer the first thing this attorney or a public defender will tell you is to stop talking on social media about it. YOU WERE DRIVING DRUNK WITH A DISABLED CHILD IN YOUR CAR! NO ONE HAS PITY FOR YOU!!






  1. Huh, what she’s saying isn’t what the “public” dockets are saying. I couldn’t get them into my comment. It doesn’t coincide with what the 3 time winner is saying. Interesting.

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