Knoch students told to “not ask questions” about the firing of teacher Mrs Bocci” students being threatened 

The story keeps getting more and more odd after a teacher was fired on the spot at Knoch last week-here are some happenings at the school. 

No one has received any official reasoning behind the dismissal of Mrs Bocci from the school

-The students in her original class were told not to mention nor ask anything about Bocci

-The students in the class were informed via someone that whoever leaked the video that Butler News has in his possession of the firing will be expelled from school if the video is released by Butler News and the schools finds out who leaked it. 

-Students were hanging up many different signs in school asking for reasoning and wanting her to come back

-After that students were NOT allowed to use printers in classrooms nor libraries for that reason.  

-MANY students had BBB or Bring Back Bocci written on their fore arms in support. Students were threatened that if they didn’t wash their arms that they would be suspended. 

The teacher in question had knee surgery this past summer, and wanted to take sick days and the powers that be said no. In turn, the teacher called off, upon return, she was fired. 

A grievance will be filed within the next few weeks. 



  1. total BS, why shouldn’t the students know, and who are they to threaten those students. The individual (s) that are making the threats should be ashamed of themselves. Those same individuals should be punished for making those threats!


    • The new principal is the old science teacher mr schnur a very mean guy he ran the science class like a drill Sargent nothing wrong with structure or Discipline! But this guy was a control freak!!


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