Kylee Eshenbaugh, 23, arrested for DUI, drug possession Wrecks car with her disabled kids in the car

Kylee  Eshenbaugh, 23, is accused of being more then double the legal limit when she was arrested for DUI this past month. Eshenbaugh, 23, faces a hearing in November on misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs, and child endangerment.

Eshenbaugh was found highly intoxicated and with needles laying in the open on the seat of her wrecked car. Police said they found the defendant along with a pair of children, ages 2½ years and 3 months, in a car with two flat tires and driver’s side damage on the 500 block of South Washington Street. When asked what happened to her car she said she did not know-she even denied the drugs in the  car were hers. (Guess it was her kids heroin?)

The children were in the back seat and crying. The older child, who was identified as Eshenbaugh’s son, was “moaning,” and he had a feeding tube hanging off the back of the front seat. Police note that the male child has significant medical issues, and that he needs the feeding tube to eat.

In an odd twist, Eshenbaugh messaged this page out of the blue to tell me off yesterday, that article can be seen by clicking this link


She was given an OR Bond and she does have custody of her children still for some odd reason.

Eshenbaugh noted yesterday, she is not from Butler-she only lives in Butler County, and gets arrested in Butler City.






  1. Oh my what a “scummy” mother she is. So glad she’s “not from Butler” stay out of the city then contradicting moron. Hope they throw the book at her. I pray for the health & safety of those children. So awful.


      • No they’re court documents. There’s also Google on the internet. One can search her name and find the newspaper artice online. So, truth right lmfao.
        Spell check, check it out.


      • Of course there are Lie Rights! How do you thnk the unworthy have amassed their ill-gotten gains. Females use it for Profit and Gain, The Government use it to Rob, Cheat, and Steal from the Taxpayers. Only if asked, some call it Diplomacy, for to tell a Lie or Blunt Truth doesn’t work. A bout of Violence, or a Lawsuit, or in many cases Falsely Accused and Convicted is the Downside to being or attempting to be Legitimate; doesn’t work. Time once to Rally the Millitial to reclaim this Country in the nameof Honor and Stabilty. But to each their own, cowardly and sloven are the citizensof this country. Better they go do a multi-mass self genocide. They are worth no less!!!


      • Don’t need to know her just reading public information, Liz. She is scummier because she said scummy first. Why is is ok she’s puts an entire city down?? Oh ok it’s all good since she’s your friend. Notice the ” ” I was repeating it as she put it.


    • She has already been done, twice, or two that lived. Best to go punish her parents for giving in to their Lustful Urges and turning to the ( Proverbial ) Dark Side and giving birth to just another Free Will recipient and daughter of Satan. Abnd obviously I have no Respect for the Human Race as a Whole with exception, and God know who they are. And to the Anti-Christ followers. You will Burn in Hell!!!!


    • Sometimes the Cops have to be reminded of their responsibilities to the general public other than going Nazism or KGB on the citizens of this country. I have no pity on cops getting killed they broke the Cardinal Rule and all of Law Enforcment have to pay the Reckoning as soon as the people stand up for their rights to live.


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  4. Youre all stupid do you even know thegirl? Nope didnt think so read the actual paper not some guy on megans law news stories youre all pathetic.


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