Ben Smith for Mayor blasts existing mayor Uncle Tommy D 

The following is a post on the Facebook page “Ben Smith for Butler City Mayor”

Tom Donaldson has been misrepresenting the facts.
He has misrepresented my business and its goals in our community.
He has misrepresented my ownership and stated that I am not actually an owner of my business.
He has misrepresented my stance on multiple issues facing Butler.
He has tried to undermine my candidacy through multiple avenues on both local and state levels. 
He has privately tried to shut down Foodie Fridays by contacting the liquor control board (which didn’t work since we had the necessary permits) because of my involvement with the events. 
He has abused his authority over the police for personal gain.
He told people, myself included, that he would support me if I won the Primary.
He has misrepresented the stance of the Republican Party with regard to their support of his write-in campaign. The truth is demonstrated in the letter below. They have asked him to step aside multiple times (up to an including tonight), and he has refused
Tom Donaldson does not have the well-being of Butler in mind. Only his own.
It’s time to tell Tom to stop. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. 
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  1. YOU better be concerned about the bitch LEE as she is just dumb enough to get elected. EVERY time she sticks her foot in her big mouth, LEE gets more publicity. I am know TOMMY D and LEE ARE out for THEMSELVES; HOWEVER, WE do not really know what SMITH IS out for.


  2. Butler is just stupid enough to elect a raging narcissist, who married a murderer, mayor. Oh, the skeletons in that closet…

    It’s sad, but a lot of people i know are laughing hard at Butler right now bc JLM is going to be your next mayor. It’s a shame, too, bc Ben Smith is actually a decent person.


  3. I strongly dislike TD and JLM, I pray that we don’t have to deal with either one being mayor. Please people see them for what they are. Seriously can’t deal with TD drunk driving all over town, well once in awhile. Then I don’t need to comment on the other as there has already been so much said. I will never forget how TD used to torment the hell out of people years ago in Franklin Twp. It was scary, he was a raging lunatic. Those signs still showing of his narcissistic personality. No one should treat people they way he did and does. Prayers for Ben who like “DenverJenny” said seems to be a decent person.

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