Judge in the Tom Doerr case files an “order to show cause” meaning she wants to out probation officer publicly

The  Judge in the Judge Doerr case Filed  an order to show cause-meaning the Judge assigned to the case wants to publicly humiliate and release the name of the person suing him in his sexual harassment case, click the link to read the motion.

Doerr is accused of Sexual harassment and misusing his authority, the Supreme court demoted him this morning. Yet unclear he will still keep his president Judge status 

I can not imagine how embarrassed Doerrs wife Laurie must be by these accusations of Doerr abusing his power and having an affair.

Click the link to read the filing




    • It remains obvious that the female used sex for profit. Yeah; like a Prostitute! And now; like the slutty female gender that she is wants to abuse that Hole of Evil to bring another man down. And of course, the Judge who should be Prosecuted simply on his Low Life being. But corruption in the Legal System in this country Butler and Mercer County, Pa. should all be standing in Judgement by the victims who have been wrongly convicted and imprisoned by this corrupt system. The alledged Jane Doe/Victim should be fixed so she can’t breed any young Demon Spawn on this Earth. Obviously Lewis Lauchus should have his Nut Sack removed just on supposition of guilt. As I said the number of Accused Sex Crimes grows daily and the common individual allows it to happen, the common individual deserve punishment for accomplice after the Fact.


  1. She needs to protect her “honorable” reputation. She can’t be seen as a nasty prostitute heaven forbid. There are hookers out there with more class than this person. The judge is an idiot too of course.


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