Jamie Lee for mayor Slams Tom Donaldson via Facebook 

It seems Mr. Smith has finally come out swinging against Mayor Donaldson. Voicing his disdain over the personal attacks and innuendos Mayor Donaldson is incredibly well known for. I applaud Mr. Smith for finally addressing the situation, allbeit based on personal aggravation more so than city business.
During Donaldson’s tenure as Mayor we have witnessed more childish antics than one office can handle. Frivolous lawsuits, labor disputes, mismanagement, bigotry, all items I have taken him to task on. Over the years I’ve learned one valuable thing.
Tom Donaldson does not listen, nor will he change his ways.
Mr. Smith has also voiced his agitation over my use of the word “refused” and I will admit, I perhaps utilized it a bit haphazardly during the debate. My point, however, stands.  
During the first debate the importance of communication and community involvement were stressed. These are things I’ve spent years cultivating. Through my involvement on boards, my business, leadership programs, volunteer work, fundraisers, I’ve dedicated my time to my community, learning our strengths and weaknesses. Over the last year it has become obvious that Mr. Smith and I simply hold different views on what community involvement/position education means.   
To me it means showing up when there is nothing in it for you. Meeting with departments, learning procedure and protocol. It means digging into the mud so that others can be lifted free. It is seeking out professionals and leaders for guidance and understanding. It means spreading the word so that hope can blossom. And it means, sitting down to discuss the hard facts and not just gossip heard ’round the way.
The issues faced by this city will not disappear over night, it is going to take solid planning, group effort and hard work. I’m ready and have more than just ideas on how to solve them. This is the area, we as a community, need to focus on. The HOW of reestablishing Butler City.  
Let’s do this Butler, November 7th, let’s start paving the way to a safe, thriving community that is geared for all and not just one main street of the city.


Editors note- childish would be you’re drunkin antics, you want to run a city but can’t pay your own bills? 

Since “Lee” is giving out inspirational speeches this morning-here is one of her former inspirational speeches via Facebook. Odd you speak about people getting into car accidents when your husband killed a kid drunk. 



  1. JAMIE’S community involvement is flipping the burg and waving her tits. SHE is quite adapt at bad language that would be useful at counsel meetings, fund raisers and other public gatherings. IF she wins and you are one voting for this POS, you will get what you ask for.


  2. I have known TOM FOR years and he is a jerk, but no one is going to hold a position in any govt. entity and not bump heads with people; however, working together is part of the equation for success and getting things done.

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  3. SEriously asshole , You really have a problem with trying to slander Jamie ! You dont even live in the city so its no concern of yours whos Mayor !


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