Rape charges dropped against Lewis Lauschus, 63

The state has withdrawn all charges against Lewis Lauschus, he was accused of multiple counts of Rape. Here is the former article.


The charges that were dropped are as follows

# Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition
1 18 § 3121 §§ A1 F1 Rape Forcible Compulsion 09/15/2017 Withdrawn
2 18 § 3124.1 F2 Sexual Assault 09/15/2017 Withdrawn
3 18 § 3126 §§ A2 M1 Indecent Assault Forcible Compulsion 09/15/2017 Withdrawn
4 18 § 2701 §§ A1 M2 Simple Assault 09/15/2017 Withdrawn
5 18 § 2705 M2 Recklessly Endangering Another Person 09/15/2017 Withdrawn

Offense Seq./Description Offense Disposition
1 Rape Forcible Compulsion Withdrawn
2 Sexual Assault Withdrawn
3 Indecent Assault Forcible Compulsion Withdrawn
4 Simple Assault Withdrawn
5 Recklessly Endangering Another Person Withdrawn

The Butler Eagle is reporting that  In a follow-up interview with an officer at the hospital, police say the victim reported falling and injuring herself while cleaning a closet on Sept. 10. She claimed that Lauschus raped her after her fall and that she remained in bed for five days during which she would go in and out of consciousness.



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