The State Supreme Court has demoted Former President Judge Thomas Doerr

The state Supreme Court has named Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge Marilyn Horan administrative judge in the county, replacing the county’s president judge, Thomas Doerr.

Former president judge Thomas Doerr will remain on the bench as a judge. Just not as the President Judge. The Supreme Court made this shocking ruling on their own, with no input from the county. The Supreme Court did not even give the County the notice until after the ruling was made.

Judge Doerr has been embroiled in a controversy over the last several weeks after a civil lawsuit was filed against him on Oct. 10 by a county probation officer who is alleging sexual misconduct and workplace discrimination.

Doerr has been a judge in county court since 1992 and was named president judge in August 2000.

Sources tell Butler News that additional women have filed complainants against Judge Doerr with the EEOC and there could be an additional lawsuit filing Sources are telling Butler News-The Supreme Court took immediate action when the allegations against Judge Doerr surfaced.





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