Mayor Tom Donaldson wants your “write in vote” in a new Facebook post

Editors note- “Uncle Tommy D needs spell check” 

Since taking office we have changed the Police Department from a reactive department to a Proactive department! We have re instituted Foot patrol, not just on Main St. but I’m the neighborhoods too. Last year we worked with a crime watch group to help facilitate the startup of a crime watch to help push drug people out of our neighborhoods. Myself and Chief Brown along with Lieutenant Chad Rensel of helped coordinate liaison lines of communication between the group and the Butler City Police Department. 
Additionally we have continued to work with the county drug task force and also signed an agreement to partner Butler City Police Department with the drug enforcement division of the State Attorney Generals Office. We currently have been discussing bringing the Federal DEA into work the area also. Progress on the drug issue can sometimes be slower than we would like but the fight continues!


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  1. He’s probably not wrong, but his write-in candidacy will strip Smith (not Menchyk) of votes. So, he’s helping a murderer’s wife get elected. Which would be less abhorant if she was a good person; but, goodness…just talk to anyone who actually (truly) knows her. Just wow.


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