Fat drunkin women are mad at me on Jamie Lees business page 

I love stupid messages and posts on Facebook, the fat, drunkin no one alliance has come after me via mayorial canadate-once again I’m everyone-check out the screen shots. This is the mayorial canadate Jamie Lee and her loser friends. 

I’m such a bad guy, right, and you Amy are a real treasure. Sucking dick at W Ricks don’t make you a fucking politician 

And look it’s Angela, she knows so much about me- 1- don’t live in Saxonburg-2- I have residences in the city. Angela knows all about running 2nd rate news pages. 

I CHOOSE not to run. I don’t have the time. Gail you ain’t doing shit, neither is your loser child. It’s nice to see you all stick up for Lee, the screen shots I have coming will show the world who you women  really are. Nasty bar rats. Nothing more. 

By the way—–I’m not him— he is a large business owner actually —here is a screen cap from Butler News —I choose not to put “Shane”yet I assure you-he has a business in town. 

It’s always nice to see the mayorial canadates best friend, belittling a dead mans sister-November 7th and you are voting for a woman whose friend belittles a dead man. 

This towns fucking Attocious if you vote for this monster. 


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