Jeff Smith makes a lot of promises of voted into City Council 

Jeff Smith is an interesting story, he ran a write in, won the vote-and is now running for City Council. 

So far, I feel that Jeff is believable, and honestly wants to help the City Of Butler 

It’s also about time someone steps up and takes on slumlords 


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  1. If only people like this showed some respect for houses marked no soliciting. It’s just annoying. If I want a card from you I’ll get one on my own. I realize it’s political & these people expect to go door to door. Just wish they would stop stopping and more than that stop leaving their crap behind for people who don’t want you there in the first place to pick up. I’m sorry for vent, this entire election bs has me quite annoyed.


  2. I HAVE a sign there it says “no soliciting”, it’s been there. That’s why I get so pissed off. Does it have to freaking be neon maybe? lol so i hope my complaint shows merit.


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