Jenny Pasqualini slams “Jamie Lee for Mayor” after her husband killed her brother-Lee ignores her 

The following screen shots are from a local Facebook page. Jamie Lee has proved to be nothing short of cowardly ignoring this woman’s comments-here is a brief history of how Lees husband killed this woman’s brother

This accident was due to the mayorial canadates husbands drinking and driving-both the canadate and her husband are known drunks. 

This man lived like this for seven years before he passed. To elect a couple like this would be terrible, lee and her husband have both publicly laughed and not accepted responsibility for this mans death-why her husband has not been charged with murder is beyond me. 

This is a picture of the family before the victim died. This was the last thanksgiving they celebrated together. 

This is how he was forced to live his life after Lees husband ran him over drunk as he walked down the road-lee the same person runningnfor mayor said “he should have been wearing brighter cloths”-lee also went on to say “how does this kid miss a car coming at him” Disgusting 

Here is part of Joeys obituary and in memory comments 


Joseph Pasqualini led a normal life, he graduated from high school (in Vienna, Austria), and had plans to go on to college. On January 18, 2009, age 20, he was walking home with his older brother in a blizzard. They chose to walk instead of driving because they’d had a few drinks at the local bar. That night, a man drinking at the same bar made a different choice. After being served in excess of 20 mixed alcoholic beverages, he decided to put himself behind the wheel of his vehicle. About 200 yards from their father’s home, the man from the bar struck the boys from behind. Other drivers were able to see the boys walking on the edge of the road that night. The drunk driver was traveling at about 45 MPH, while emergency vehicles were only able to safely travel at 25 MPH. When police arrived on scene, the man blew a BAC level over 3 times the legal limit. He also cited the wrong road the crime took place on to a 911 dispatcher. Joey had died on the scene of this crime, but was resuscitated by Slippery Rock fire dept. first responders. A few of his injuries included a collapsed lung and an internally decapitated skull that was later fused back together. After 6 weeks in a coma, Joey awoke; completely paralyzed with a traumatic brain injury. Medical experts said that IF Joey lived, which they doubted, he would be a vegetable; he would never have another conscious thought or purposeful body movement. In the years following, he made improvements in his memory, his speech, and his physical movement. These things were supposed to be impossible for him. He told stories about his childhood, he spoke clear, full sentences, he joked, he laughed, and he slowly regained limited movement in his limbs. He battled every day to be alive, and defy the odds of his condition. Joey endured an amount of pain each day that we could never know. He was tough as nails. Each and every breath was a battle won. The first three and a half years of his recovery were a rollercoaster. Several times in those years, it looked like we would lose him again, between seizures, pneumonia, and other complications. But he overcame any obstacle put in his path. 2013, ’14 and ’15, Joey didn’t have a single hospital stay or seizure. Things were consistently improving, and it seemed that we had found a new “normal”. In January of ’16, he started having seizure activity again. This continued throughout the year. On December 10th he was having seizure activity (which was not out of the ordinary, or initially very alarming), but was eventually flown to UPMC Presbyterian when our local hospital could not stop the activity. Doctors there were suspicious that he may have gone into a seizure that would not end, “status epilepticus”. He was unconscious for most of the next 7 days. Our fears were confirmed when his body started excreting all of the fluids they were injecting him with. This caused them to do a CAT, and discovered this non-stop seizure activity had taken his damaged brain and hit it again, leaving a large portion of his brain dead. Joey passed at about 1 am on December 18th because 7 years and 11 months prior, a man at a bar made a poor decision to drink and drive. Tomorrow, March 2nd, Joey would have turned 29 years old. In honor of Joey and his birthday tomorrow, please share his story; and never drink and drive!

This was Joey before he was run down and ultimately killed by Lees husband-Remember Jamie blamed all of this not on her drunk husband, but on this kid walking down the road 

This is what Butler residents want to vote for? 

I wonder if Jamie’s “cunt stopped bleeding the fires of hell”? 

I agree Ben Smith and Tom Donaldson ain’t the best. But think before you vote everyone. This is a woman that belittled a dead man, got drunk pissed in the middle of the street this summer. Pissed on her sidewalk on oak Street drunk-neighbors hate her..list goes on and on. 

Think before you vote November 7th 



  1. JAMIE LEE AND her husband have no shame or this bitch would not be running for anything. A young man and his family had their lives turned up side down by a drunk and a bitch that should both be held accountable.


  2. Will Butler vote for someone who wrote her “cunt will bleed the fires of hell?” We will see November 7th.

    Immature and disgusting.


  3. NOT many people think this position is worth voting on and when these half wits get into office, the no voters are the ones that complain about the screwed up job being done.


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