Butler could become the first small Western Pennsylvania town to get LGBTQ protections

Credit Pittsburgh City Paper 

In Butler, Pa., just a 20-minute drive north of the Allegheny County border, a small group of LGBTQ advocates has been trying for years to change that. Sabrina Schnur of the Butler branch of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), came out as trans in 2006. She owns a home just outside the Butler city border, and has workplace protections as a unionized employee at a steel mill in Butler County. But she can be refused public accommodation and service from businesses in the city of Butler.”Right now, they can get up and come up to me and people like me and say, ‘Eww, ick, I don’t like you. You have to get out,’” says Schnur. 

Schnur says LGBTQ residents deserve protections and since 2012 she has been trying to get Butler officials to provide them through an LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance. The law would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s civil-rights protections, which currently cover things like race, religion, gender and national origin. This would prohibit landlords, businesses and public accommodations from discriminating against LGBTQ people in Butler. 

Photo Credit Pittsburgh City Paper 


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  1. queers need PROTECTIONS from themselves giving each other sex disease. FAGGOTS CAN’T tell what their pluming is for. NORMAL people are the ones that need protection from them.


  2. Seriously?? Your sexual preference should be your own business. To each his/her own, really feel we as a community need a group to make the gay individuals feel safe or better? The ignorant portion will still say and do what they want, really think a group will hinder free speech? Ms. Schnur your sexual preference is your own, as is everyones, it’s really ridiculous that you feel you need a group or ordinance to make it ok and be accepted. If you’re happy w you, pay your bills, live your life wo worrying about what anyone has to say. I’m sure when you bought your home 1 of the questions on your home loan or from the home owner was,,,,,, Are you gay, right?? Just what we need another BS ordinance to go w all the other ordinances that aren’t even observed. Wow.

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  3. Ms Shnur Is the advocate for LGBTQ community and political correctness,but slams family and friends for what they have not been convicted of,yea Ms. Shnur is a Hippocratic person.I have asked for her help with my case yet been denied.I am family and gay yet I get slammed bye her husband and her for what her sister in law accuses me of.and do you think she’d say innocent until proven guilty,no can you help a gay man out a family member.no but u can help out every other Gay man and woman in the Butler county, Tina Daniels a CI for Butler county Drug task force Is my sister. And Edward Hunters niece. She accused me of Giving drugs to her Kids drugs yea among other things.Do u think Sabrina my Aunt would help me.Againt CPS .great advocate…


  4. SINCE you are a faggot, live on the moon. you will get a lot of help there and we won’t have you queers spreading your diseased live style on the rest of humans.


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