Butler News is named legally in President Judge Tom Doerrs lawsuit

Click the link to read the new filing in the case, naming Butler News and the fact that “hey these parties did not alert the media”

A current county probation officer who has accused President Judge Thomas Doerr of sexual misconduct argues in a federal court filing that revealing her name in court documents “could lead to devastating consequences for (her) and her family.”

The filing by Jane Doe, which was entered late Tuesday afternoon, is in response to an order handed down last week by U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon. In her order Bissoon directs the woman, who filed a lawsuit against Doerr Oct. 10, to explain why her lawsuit should be allowed to proceed without her real name being used.

In her filing Tuesday Jane Doe lays out numerous arguments for why Bissoon should keep her name secret, arguing that exposing her identity could open her up to danger on-the-job or at home from inmates she supervises and that she would be ostracized by the community if her name became public.

God forbid, fuck your way into a job and demand it remains private



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