Noah Mowery, 20, of Butler charged with failing to return lost money

Police said he did not return a combined $60 in money mistakenly left behind July 24 and 25 at the self-checkout machines.

He is charged with two counts of theft of lost or mislaid property.

Walmart as of this point has not fired the young man.

Whatever happened to “finders keepers?”




  1. They fired him the day they found out. They also told him they wouldn’t press charges. If he would’ve turned it in, the managers would’ve just kept the fucking money anyway.


  2. WHEN working at a retail place, money left at the register is suppose to be turned in by the employee on duty that finds it. A lot of times people realize they left their money behind and call back into the store for it. IF the money is found by another customer, turning it in would be optional.


  3. that’s the problem these days minimize things. keeping the money these days is morally accepted. Ten years from now it will be socially accepted to just walk into someones house eat food and leave but since you were hungry that’s ok.


  4. this was stupid, shannon asked for you to take this down so why not ya know. its in the past i did it and i know it was wrong but personally i do think it was stupid. they said they wouldnt press charges but i understand i did wrong but i just wanted to say i lost my job and i thought that was enough and the fact they took 3-4 months to press charges over something this stupid is petty asf in a nut shell i just ran across this and felt like i needed to say something cause im bored asf and i just wanted to let everyone know im a good person and ya know what………. fuck the haters. i did it i know it was wrong i was unmedicated at the time and was going through a lot and not trying to justify this but people shouldnt judge me for these cause ive moved on and this isnt me. im not a criminal and shouldnt be treated as such. we outchere im beasting for a feastin no competin for no reason. ye

    noah “d.t.b” mowery


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