Parents charged after 10 year old shoots 11 year old

Charges were filed Tuesday against Ryan K. Bowser, 40, and Carolyn S. Gaiser, 42. Both will face two counts of endangering the welfare of children and two counts of recklessly endangering another person. The charges are misdemeanors.

State police say a 10-year-old boy accidentally shot his 11-year-old brother Sunday afternoon inside their Beck Road residence, while home alone. The gun, a .357 revolver, was registered to Gaiser.


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  1. The person in the photo with the tatto on her arm is not Carolyn it’s her niece, Carolyn is in the photo with the 5 people in the dark colored shirt the girl in the bright green shirt is Shawna!
    Shawna has long brown STRAIGHT hair and blue eyes
    Carolyn has long reddish Curly hair and green eyes!
    Shawna is 27…
    Carolyn is 42…
    yes Shawna is on Carolyn’s profile bc they are close!!
    Shawna does NOT look anywhere close to being 42!
    @ least post the correct picture to the artical if you want to be taken serious!!


  2. The girl on the floating thing is 15? That’s one ugly trailer trash 15 year old. Rolling around in the mud with adult males. Bet she is banging a few 40 year olds.


  3. Really? You don’t even know her nor the family! This is what is wrong with the world saying nasty stuff about children smh! I sure hope you don’t have any young daughters or neices who knows what you say about them!


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