AJ Ayers accuses Butler Radio of fraud-mommy to the rescue 

AJ-Ken over at Saxonburg Radio realizes you’re a joke and a loser, he isn’t going to answer you or your fake 100-k likes, fake admins etc. Get over yourself kid. Butker Radio has for the most part great employees. There not worried about a loser like you! 

Ayers is posting everywhere now how Butler Radio ripped him off, sources now tell me he has even called the Pittsburgh News and they laughed at him. 

Ayers says he was the only person to enter the Amazon Alexa contest, he says he should be given the prize for winning, even though Butler Radio stated there was another winner. 

Butler News contacted Butler Radio and they had no comment. 

I’m sure your mommy will be “fighting for your honor” soon. Freaking dork 



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