Motion denied in Jordan Lambing case-its final Lambing faces the death penalty 

Judge Timothy McCune, denied a habeas corpus petition filed on behalf of Keith Jordan Lambing, 20, who was charged with first-degree homicide, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with serious bodily injury, rape of a child, rape of a child with serious bodily injury and other charges in connection with the death of 4-year-old Bentley Thomas Miller on March 21 at the Super 8 motel on Route 8 in Butler Township.

Lambing will now face the death penalty at trial, as well as he will have to go to trial on all of his other felonies 


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    • I agree, and even if he gets the death penalty he’ll sit in jail for years, getting 3 meals a day, doesn’t have to do anything, while that poor little boy is gone.
      Death is too easy for that pos!!


  1. This is the most disgusting crime! I say we change laws for murder/rape crimes!! Throw the blasters in a box, and make them suffer by burning them alive!!! That’s justice!


  2. make this pos dig his own hole and kill his ass slowly and let him fall into it problem solved and it don’t cost much either . why should we pay for all the bs and then keep his ass in jail
    for the rest of his life . end it problem solved next .


  3. Putting this kid to death is to easy. I say at 20 he should live out his days in a cell, out for just 30 minutes a day and Pitchers of little Bently posted all around him


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