Rob Brown is clearly a fan of Butler News 

Ron Brown who is a clear fan of Butler News (and half naked oiled men) has now made 22 comments about how much he loves Butler News 

You may remember Mr Brown from this page stating he was going to place my resume online after I applied for a job at his business. 

I was unaware that I applied to be a wrestler, or whatever it is he does. 

Rob is a world traveler, always bragging how he travels to many events to record men in tights. What an awesome career. 

I do believe Rob is the owner of IWC wrestling. A failing Indy wrestling promotion. Ron truely is a scholar. Rob when you draw 100 people and you can not afford a Reggie title, give it up kid! 

Congrats Rob, I’m glad you’re a fan- and now you’re the idiot of the week. 

I’m sure this is an honor for your world traveling self. Maybe the Indy professional wrestling community can make you some sort of belt for this award. 


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  1. Look at his profile. Jesus Christ, who would fuck his mother? Bitch has an egg head. Nigga was an egg head baby.
    And look at his wife and kids. Jesus Christ this egg head should not have had kids!
    It’s asshole like this that are selfish and fill the world with ugly children


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