All of our Butler News social media accounts

Here is a compiled list of our social media pages combined into one place. Below are the links to all of our various social media pages.

Butler News social media pages now that everything has been merged.







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  1. I don’t use any of them except the website here. No need to be connected at all times to the hive of the internet for me. Good info though for those that use those things like facebook and whatever.
    Separate note, can this site stop the annoying auto play adds. I cannot stop them or even mute them. Yea I know they are just quick things but annoying. However if you must have them to pay the bills, go for it.

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  2. If you want more readers, run an ongoing story on Swingers in the area. SWPA is a utopia for those in the swing lifestyle. The clubs are all over, DJ’s Private Club, TJ’s Lasting Impressions, Party At Scout’s, The Bodyshop, etc. Swingers come from all walks of life including lawyers, non-profit executive directors, blue collar workers, self-employed business owners, etc. You could investigate the lifestyle and talk to people who participate.


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