Three females burn Boscovs for $500.00-and gets away with it

Three females, one of which police were able to identify, selected several items of clothing that were on display in the store on November 1, 2017 shortly after 5:00 p.m.

The women then proceeded to exit the store through the men’s department doors without paying for any of the items.

Police say over $500.00 worth of clothing was stolen from the store.





  1. BOSCOV’S screwed me out of enough money. even though I DON’T LIKE people that steal, I view this as some pay back. IF they can identify one of them, she will give up the others.


  2. BOSCOV’S has every incentive to get this 500 back as it is likely their profit for the year. FROM what i seen the last time i was in that store, BOSCOV’S does not have much for buyers or workers.

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    • Yes unfortunately this theft will put them more in the red. Sad state of the stores these days. Only Walmart seems to do ok with their chinese crap, and nothing wrong with Aldis, great store.


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