Truck Stop Prostitution Goes High Tech

Truck stop prostitution is something that is actually happening. Every truck driver is familiar with this type of activity during the night.

The truck stop prostitution is a major issue that most of the truck drivers understand. Alerting the low enforcement and pointing the presence of the truck stop prostitution is their way to stop this kind of dangerous behavior.

March year the FBI and local police work to stop exploitation of Minors and Adults alike.

more and more high tech means aid truckers in finding paid companions as opposed to looking for CB using lot Lizzards.

But facial recognition software can scan many apps and sites online to run against missing children’s photos and criminal

hist s to alert police to violations that now result in faster arrests or recovery of missing children nationwide and globally.

Police now report fewer issues in most of Erie, Cleveland, Youngstown and other area truck stops like Hubbards Truck Eorld once a hot bed of activity thatbgor years went ignored as something best not talked about.



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