Many injured in multiple Tornado Outbreaks In Ohio And Pennsylvania

Credit  Mercer Star News


At least eight people have been injured after a possible tornado tore through a small Ohio city of Celina located in Mercer County Ohio. Not to be confused with Mercer County PA.

kindman Ohio reports a number of homes were damaged by either streight line winds topping 70mph as trees fell around the area.

In Westfield Ohio near Andover fire and rescue were on the scene as a search and rescue operation was taking place when upto 8 homes ere hit with yet an unverified Tornado ranging form destruction of homes to blown out windows with injuries occuring.

A tornado touchdown was reported in southern Ashtabula County, near Williamsfield, along U.S. Route 322 and west of Ohio Route 7, according to emergency radio traffic.

In Erie street flooding, down power lines hampered efforts last night as high winds and heavy rain caused a variety of damage as a strong storm front passed thru between 7 and 9 15 .

And closer to home power was out to more than 80,000 overnight with a large portion of Sharon and West Middlesex with out power.

In Boardman Ohio Sweeney Auto Sales sustained heavy damage to their building and Ethan Allen Furniture lost at a minimum the buildings roof.

in a WFMJ Report There are many vehicles that are damaged. Part of the roof has blown into the rear parking lot damaging vehicle in the rear as well. They sustained probably the most damage in the area.” said Boardman Fire Chief Mark Pitzer.

The dealership issued the following statement from its TeamSweeney Twitter account:

This evening, weather severely damaged our Buick GMC dealership. We are still accessing the situation and the damage that was done, however we can tell you that the building was empty and no one was hurt.
We appreciate your patience and the kind words that we have received from the community. We will provide another update on the building as soon as more information is available.

The National Weather Service says it will conduct a storm survey on Monday. The weather service says it’s expected that two separate tornadoes struck the area.



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