My humble opinion on the election tomorrow and who will win

Now that we have all had a few months to forget how I aced how the election predictions turned out for the primaries, it seems like the opportune time to make some more likely-to-be- predictions for tomorrow’s general election in Butler.

Of course, these are not to be construed as endorsements. Butler News doesn’t endorse any candidate mostly because then it would be kind of awkward to turn around and be critical of that person in a few weeks.

For City Council there are 4 candidates running for 2 seats. Jeff Smith, James Kemple, Kathy Kline and Ken Bonus.

Butler News believes the winners will be Jeff Smith and Kathy Kline. They both have history on their side with each having previously served in city government and each having an established position within their respective political parties.

Smith demonstrated his ability to get out the vote in his late breaking write-in campaign and its likely he’ll do even better with the additional time to prepare and being on the actual ballot.

Bonus and Kemple won’t be able to overcome these advantages.

For the Mayoral Race we have 2 candidates on the ballot- Jamie Lee Goehring and Ben Smith- and 1 serious write in candidate in the person of current mayor Tom Donaldson.

Democrats hold a narrow advantage in registered voters in the City, however given the political outcomes of the past few years it’s safe to say that advantage exists in name alone.

It would seem many city Democrats identifying more with the prevailing political brand of the Republicans these days. Not that any of that should actually matter, but given how often people simply vote a party ticket- it does.

That said, I believe the actual Republican advantage will be diminished  and most likely nullified due to the vote being split between Ben Smith and Mayor Donaldson.

Butler News is predicting a win for Jamie Lee with something less than 50% of the vote.

So there you have it. Butler News is staking it’s reputation as an internet political prognosticator on the above predictions.

Feel free to share your own. Tomorrow night we can sort out who was right and wrong.


Photo Credit The Butler Soapbox



One comment

  1. I do believe you are correct. IF TD really cared about what is good for BUTLER, he would have stayed out of this race. HE is giving the election to the bitch.


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