Knoch school teacher Mrs Bocci who was escorted out and fired during class reinstated

The South Butler County School Board on Wednesday approved a “last chance” agreement to reinstate a middle school teacher who was suspended without pay for  misusing sick days.

About 100 students, parents and teachers who attended the school board committee meeting in favor of giving this teacher her job back. Including a rep from the ACLU sat right in the back row quietly as well as an Butler News admin was there.

That recommendation and the last chance agreement “keeps employment intact,” The teacher and the union approved the agreement.

This school board is shit, they need to go. Hopefully in a few days some of these idiots are off of the board.

You will only read this on Butler News, but the teacher needed extra days off due to a recent surgery-after many years of service what a shit way to fire this woman, all to bring her back only die to the fact the board realized they were potentially going to get sued.

Below you can click the link to read the previous articles about this teacher being fired in the middle of class


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