MACKENZIE PETERS, mother of Bentley Miller goes to court today

Butler News was there as Peters went to court today for a Status Conference in Courtroom Number 5. Her Judge is Timothy McCune.

Peters came in with her attorney, and nothing happened really. Her lawyer Joseph M  Kecskemethy talked to the district attorney then announced they do not have a deal.

Peters seemed to be in great spirits even though she is there facing charges in the rape and murder of her own child. There seemed to be no progress in the case today, no other media outlet is reporting that the case has been continued multiple times already as the sides try to come to an agreement.

You can read more about Peters by clicking these links, as you can see she is a pillar of society.

Peters since her arrest has been spotted out and about in town and at a drug house on Mercer Street. Including a police call for suspicious activity when she was hovering in a drug house. She stated she was “waiting for a friend” there was no reason to hold her and she was sent on her way.

Peters showed little to no emotion at her child funeral, taking selfies and smoking weed in the back of the funeral home.

Sadly this loser gets to live her life when she should be sitting in jail for her role in this-CYS knew about this case and chose not to investigate. Peters was under investigation by CYS due to the abuse of Miller, Peters went to bat for the child’s killer Jordan Lambing saying her never ment to hurt the child in a past statement to CYS. CYS in Butler chose to do nothing. And to this day CYS refuses to answer any questions about the Bentley miller CYS investigation.

Sadly this is a picture of her celebrating at a four year old child’s funeral that was raped and killed. Mother of the year.

photo-11 (1)




  1. Cys in butler is corrupt.
    The supervisor for this case has dropped tbe ball on mire than just this …..
    Jennifer Olexasik is a supervisor who has sent a child to her relatives home who then raped the child- made the case bigger than it was simply because Olexasik dosent like the mother-
    She also changed placement of children before a court order simply because there was some benifit to her. She is a arrogant woman who holds the strings to the puppets (caseworkers) beneath her.
    She also tries to use her manly gerth to be aggressive to thoes she must work with!… I swear she has flown in on her broom straight from hocus pocus… Straight black hair n big manly feet that over hang her heels(mind you shes damn near 6foot to begin with)

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