Poll shows overwhelming support for stricter gun laws for domestic abuse

More than three-quarters of Pennsylvanians support more stringent laws when it comes to convicted domestic abusers and people with court-approved protection-from-abuse orders against them buying and possessing guns, according to a survey released Tuesday .
Some experts say the survey results bolster the case for state legislation to close what advocacy groups call loopholes in domestic violence laws.
“The recent poll results reinforce the same message that I have heard from law enforcement organizations from across the state,” said state Sen. Tom Killion, R-Delaware County, the prime sponsor of a Senate bill he said targets such loopholes. The legislation, known as Senate Bill 501, was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee in March.

Tuesday’s poll — commissioned by Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action and conducted by SurveyUSA — shows that 82 percent of 805 registered voters surveyed favor prohibiting gun sales to anyone convicted of a domestic-violence crime or anyone with a final protection from abuse or PFA order against them.

Of those who agreed with the prohibition, 88 percent came from gun-owning households.

The survey shows that 78 percent agree that convicted domestic abusers and those with a final PFA order against them should be required to turn over all firearms to police or a gun dealer.


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