Rey Azteca closer to serving booze.

The Butler Township commissioners are recommending the state Liquor Control Board issue an Economic Development Restaurant Liquor License to a local restaurant.

Following a public hearing Monday night, the commissioners approved a request from the owner of Rey Azteca. Owner Reynaldo Palacios will now apply to the state in hopes of opening a restaurant in the Point Plaza Shopping Center that serves liquor, beer and wine.

Palacios says the restaurant would be in the same location of the former La Casa Mexican Restaurante. He plans to keep his current restaurant on New Castle Road as well.

This type of liquor license is non-transferable and non-sellable with a goal of promoting economic development in the area while not having a negative effect on the community. Supporters spoke on the increased tax base and the opportunity for an annual festival in September to commemorate Mexican Independence Day.

As part of the requirements of this license, over 70 percent of sales must come from food. Palacios’ current Rey Azteca restaurant employs 13 people. The new restaurant would give jobs to 16 additional employees, of which half would be full-time.

The next step in the process is submitting an application to the PA Liquor Control Board who will make the final decision about issuing the license at a date and time that has not yet been determined. Only two licenses of this type are issued per county per year and it is not believed that any have been issued for Butler County so far this year.



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