Crystal Starnes named as Plaintiff against Judge Thomas Doerr

Breaking news, Butlert News has obtained the paperwork naming probation officer Crystal Starnes as the Plaintiff in the lawsuit against Judge Thomas Doerr.

Click the link to read the lawsuit amendment





  1. SHE had a choice and could have walked away from all this. SHE is as much at fault as he is and they should both be in jail or at the very least, fired from their jobs.


    • I mostly agree but he is a judge and should be held to a higher standard. However the justice system is so corrupt and has been for a long time. I agree she should have just walked away, found another job like anyone else. But for whatever reason she feels she belongs in the Probation/court environment. I say tough, go get a job somewhere else. Hell if I lose my job, I am not protected by some system, I actually have to maybe do day labor or something to get by. Which brings up the possibility this was her intention all along, to sue and get money.


  2. How’s this work ? Starnes was my P.O. a few years back. We didn’t have the best ignored relationship. She threatened me on time saying she could put
    Me in jail at anytime cause my Judge loves her she all but said she would make something up to put me away I walked off two years and constant threats from her thank god it’s done


  3. Why are you not talking about the truth How her and her boyfriend doerr sent people to prison for spite how they flirted in court how when got whatever when wanted


  4. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you
    The judge will retire
    So he can TRY yo keep his humanity.They all need to have to step down from their positions until the out come of the chargers.You go girl.Keep your head up.You didn’t do anything wrong.


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