Kathy Kline loses council seat after Butler News exposes her

Kathy Kline, here we had a council member that was out of touch, a woman that had no idea there was a god damn crime watch in the city that the Police Chief ran. A woman that has such little regard for the fire department she ran over a fire hose.

The Butler Eagle pushed Kline for thier personal agenda, but Butler News stepped in being the voice of the people. Showing the public what this woman is really like. Months ago I was very pleasant to Kline, I asked for an interview, she expressed her disinterest and said that no one would take a con and his friends serious. Are the voters on this page serious now Kathy?

You can read more about Kathy by clicking these links




Shocking data shows that users of this page all but changed the election results.

Kline was big on the anti discrimination act, yet people were messaging Butler News telling me how she was so out of touch, how Kline in fact discriminated against people.

Kline chose to ignore the people, ignore the people of this page. Every Candidate that ignored Butler News lost yesterday.

Butler News can confirm 200 votes alone off of this page. Out of the 200 votes that are known 180 people like the page. Butler News changed the election results by posting the truth for the public to view.

Kathy needed to take her attitude back home where she belongs, in her terms she has not done a thing for Butler City. If nothing else she has made things worse trying to promote her garbage agenda like the anti discrimination act that would have put small business in jeopardy.

Let this be a lesson learned to everyone that was running fr public office, seems this page has a little more then back woods users-can anyone else claim they got 200 people out to vote?

Nananana hey hey hey Goodbye





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