Did you know portions of the Netflix series “mindhunter” was filmed in Butler

Crews from the television show Mindhunter that filmed in and around Butler late last year returned to Butler again this spring filming some scenes in and around Butler County.

The first filming location is a gas station on East Kittanning Street in Butler and the other is in Butler Township in the Highfield area.

There was a mind hunter open call being held on Facebook, at the time there just did not seem to be a lot of talk about this happening. Here is the Facebook page where the open calls took place.


Here is an exert of what the series was looking for while in Butler this past spring.

“The new 1 hour 1970’s Netflix crime drama produced by David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Zodiac, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl and House of Cards) is having an OPEN CALL for PAID BACKGROUND ACTORS and FEATURED BACKGROUND ACTORS!!!

We’ll be at The Butler Art Center November 20th signing people up to join us as background actors on the show.

The Butler Art Center
344 S Main St.
Butler, PA 16001


Please send a full length and a close-up photo, contact information and measurements to mhc.pittsburgh@gmail.com. Make a free profile onMarinellahumecasting.com.

Also seeking period cars, models 1960 – 1980. Parked cars earn their owners $175 parked for 12 hours, and folks can submit their period vehicles to mindhuntervehicles@gmail.com.”

The series, which follows two FBI agents in the year 1979, debuted this year on Netflix with great reviews.

The show debuted on Friday the 13th as it seemed fitting.

The series is produced by David Fincher, the director behind “Seven” and “Zodiac,” and Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron. And though its focus is on serial killers, critics say it is not overly violent and focuses more on psychology than the crimes themselves.

“Mindhunter” was filmed throughout the Pittsburgh region and received $18.7 million in film tax credits from the state. Thousands of extras participated in the project, which wrapped in February. Locals may recognize scenes from Washington & Jefferson College, Kittanning and the Butler County courthouse.

Lancaster County native Jonathan Groff plays a fictionalized version of FBI agent John Douglas, who in the 1970s interviewed serial killers about their motivations to develop criminal profiling techniques. The series is based on Douglas’s best-selling book about his experiences with the serial crime unit.

There really is no rating system to tell what the numbers brought when the series debuted. One thing was for sure, it was sure cool seeing Butler County on television.


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  1. I saw the first 2 or 3 episodes…… A nice little opening sequence (ep 3?) shot on Highfield Road and Willard Avenue.

    BUT!….. From what I saw in these episodes was a very boring television show without much of a story arc…..Watch paint dry, instead.


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