Kylee Eshenbaugh again charged after she got drunk (again), abandoning her kids in her car, then calling Police on herself as she was so high

I do not think I have ever seen anything like this before, the first ever 3x idiot of the week, has once again stricken.

Kylee Eshenbaugh is facing child endangerment charges after she called 911 Wednesday night when she thought her car was stolen with her children inside while she was at a tattoo shop.

Kylee Eshenbaugh told dispatchers that she parked her car on a street in Pittsburgh’s South Side and left it running with her two children inside. When she went back outside, she claimed the vehicle was gone.

Eshenbaugh had a dazed and confused look on her face and didn’t appear to be lucid,” the complaint said.

When asked by the officer if she called 911, Eshenbaugh denied ever doing so, police said. The officer later had dispatch call back the person who placed the call and Eshenbaugh’s cellphone rang from the trunk, which also contained a bottle of vodka.

After a field sobriety test, Eshenbaugh was arrested for driving under the influence. She is also charged with endangering the welfare of children and false alarm to an agency of public safety.

Here are her past links and comments on Butler News, and yes, this did make multiple news stations this morning. Might it be added that one of her children are very disabled. Once again someone needs to step in and take these children off of the mother before she-ends up killing one of not both of her kids.





  1. Question? Was the car moved or did she just forget where it was or something? How is someone still calling her a good mom especially after reading this and the other incidents? Umm I lost my car & my kids I’m a good mom. I just left it running with them in it. Sounds similar to the Andy Sheehan dog story, (I was only in there a minute or so). These are children, and in the South Side of Pittsburgh, people don’t leave their cars unlocked let alone running with children in it… WTF is wrong with people like this? These AREN’T things good moms do. Did she have any court proceedings from the last incident yet I wonder?


  2. She is so hot! I would like her from head to toe. To the next men that fuck her, be smart! Cum in her ass. She is a baby making machine at 23. Two kids and ones disabled. No way she can take care of them. So cum
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