Two idiots arrested after they are found in a residents bushes shooting dope at 1am

Two idiots  were caught behind bushes at a home in Amy Avenue where they were not permitted. Police said they also found a syringe near where the pair were standing.

Joshua Good, 30, of Butler, admitted that he and Cortney Mortimer, 35, were “shooting up heroin”

Police eventually learned that Mortimer, who had given a bogus name, was wanted on a warrant out of Clearfield County.

Additionally, a search of her purse turned up a used syringe.

Mortimer and Good are both charged with loitering and prowling at night, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mortimer also is charged with false identification to law enforcement authorities.

She was arraigned on charges and placed in the Butler County Prison on $2,500 bail and for the warrant.



  1. More disgusting junkies we need to clean this town up bad then they od n r suprised..ummm what u thinks gonna happen when u shoot dope w elephant tranquilizers n brickdust who knows what else also your feeding terrorists money assholes


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