17-year-old kills himself after years of bullying that school did nothing about, parents say

Angelo Callazo, 17, had “really bad” scoliosis and needed to wear a back brace — and for that his classmates would “punch him, kick him, call him ‘cripple,’” his mother told News12 Long Island.

Their bullying against her only child went on for years at school, Angie Collazo added to the station: “They were horrible to him … they were so cruel.”

It started when Angelo was in fifth grade, she told News12, and was still going on this year — his senior year at Hicksville High School on New York’s Long Island.

“One time when he was in the eighth grade boys pulled his pants down in the cafeteria,” Angelo’s mother added to the station, “and … he did tell me on Monday those same boys that bothered him and did that to him were in one of his English classes. And he didn’t want to go to English anymore.”

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