Austin (AJ) Ayers, 19, exposed as a scam artist

Butler Dispatch posted yesterday that David Shaw (supposedly the “Senior Publisher”) sat down with Facebook Inc, as Butler Dispatch apparently got suspended from being able to earn ad revenue through Facebook Inc.

Ayers 1

Now it’s very possible and probably true that Butler Dispatch got suspended by Facebook for violating its terms of services when it comes to earning ad revenue. However, the MEETING NEVER HAPPENED.

How do I know this? Because DAVID SHAW, doesn’t exist. Neither does Butler Dispatch’s other so called “editors”, BRANDON OSCHE or JANICE CALKO.


If you take a look at Butler Dispatches website, AJ recently updated the About Us section to include photos and information about his entire “team”: https://butlerdispatch.com/our-team/

(I’ve screenshot all the pictures and added them to this post since I’m sure AJ will take them down as soon as he sees this)

Let’s take a little closer look at each one:

AUSTIN AYERS – President & CEO
Yep, that’s really him! The infamous AJ Ayers! Interesting that it says that he decided to bring on other editors to help bring Butler County the most HONEST news possible. Let’s now take a look at these other team members….

Ayers 2

DAVID SHAW – Senior Publisher
Wow, a Senior Publisher! He’s a good looking guy too! I bet he could probably make it as a model! Oh wait, he already does! A quick reverse image search reveals his same picture and video available to purchase on stock photo sites: https://shutr.bz/2hk2atu

Doing another reverse image search, turns out Brandon is actually Kalani Leifer, the founder and Executive Director of COOP, a nonprofit connecting urban public college grads to meaningful careers in tech, media, and design. Link: https://www.teachforamerica.org/…/announcing-our-2016-socia…

Turns out Janice is actually a model for stock photo’s as well. Doing a quick search, she shows up on about 27 other websites with that same picture for sale. I’ve posted a pic of the search results to this post.

SHE’S ACTUALLY REAL! OMG! I’m guessing though that AJ doesn’t share any of the (now non-existent) ad revenue he gets from the MOST HONEST NEWS SOURCE IN BUTLER COUNTY!!!!! After some looking she has no experience with meteorology, nor was she ever a “firefighter”  in any way shape or form, but she does have a drug arrest a time or two.



So there you have it folks! AJ’s completely made up the majority of his “team”. These people don’t even exist.

Fake News posted by Fake People.

#fakenews #butlerdispatch 

As you can imagine I found this online by a page called stop fake news-and I think this would be a rational embarrassment to AJ Ayers A person that purchased a cool 100-k likes for his Facebook page, with 100,000 people he has no interaction on his page, and here is the proof. These are the real no bullshit numbers Butler

photo (1)

Ayers in fact has 102,000 likes-he claims to be the biggest page in Butler-buying fake likes is awesome! But here is the truth, Ayers and his page is behind everyone. He is the smallest and trails all of us in News, and this is 100 percent truth. As you will see the Butler Eagle is winning the viewing contest this month.

Here are more links that have to due with Ayers and his fraudulent ways. Including Butler Radio of fraud just the other day.








And there are so many more-Just search AJ AYERS. The hame radio community kicked him out, WPXI has blasted him for fake fire drills. Ayers needs to be removed from Facebook. Butler News posts some scandalous things, but this has reached a point where Ayers needs mental health help. He is posting dangerous things online. His pages need removed and he needs to seek help for his mental health issues,

Justin Castilyn



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  1. i have only heard of this aj ayers from this website. I do not give a f about him or his issues. You have a personal thing, deal with it personally, not here.


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