Dressed in silk, Trump and Putin shake hands at APEC summit dinner

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin shook hands at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit dinner in Vietnam on Friday, even though the White House said there would be no formal meeting.

Trump and Putin smiled and stood next to each other for the traditional group photograph. Then they parted to sit at different parts of the table.

The White House said earlier that no formal meeting was planned because of scheduling conflicts on both sides, though it was possible they would bump into each other.

The Russian and US presidents’ respective offices had reportedly been engaged in organizing bilateral talks during the two-day event, trying to choose an appropriate timing and format. However, just hours ahead of the summit the White House said that a formal meeting would not happen, citing scheduling conflicts. In an earlier comment that has raised eyebrows, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson questioned whether the two leaders have anything “sufficiently substantive to talk about” at the moment.




  1. Trump has much more support than congress. Those that vote know the basic deal, it is the congress that needs to step up or go. 30+ year careers for some of them. drugged up, Alzheimer’s sufferers, total whack job’s. Trump will win in 2020 if he runs.


  2. A good chance JAMIE would have won, if not for this web sit exposing the kind of puke she is. A LOT more demos are registered than rep. and they tend to vote straight ticket because they are to mind dead to vote any intelligent alternative.


    • Yes, she was exposed for the trash she is. Good job to this site. I do not live in the city but work there everyday so even though I could not vote, if I did I would have voted for the winner. Hopefully he will do some good, Butler needs it.


    • From the last election results:

      Registered: 125,000
      Votes: 29,510

      Straight Ticket Votes:
      Democratic: 2,697 – 33%
      Republican: 5,378 – 65.9%

      Source: http://www2.co.butler.pa.us/election/current/home.htm (Summary Totals)

      While I agree that this Dem was not good for Butler, at least hold yourself to truthful facts. Republicans vote straight ticket with more frequency than the Democratic party. And that really says a lot, to be honest. More Democrats will look to the other side of the aisle if they don’t like what they see while Republicans are often low-information voters who vote for party ideals over the best person for the job.


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