Finally an update: once again the downtown hotel is behind

Butler Redevelopment Authority board members received an update on the project at their Thursday meeting where they once again tried to make a negative look positive.

Contractors are installing heating, ventilation and cooling systems, plumbing and wiring, the last of the shower doors, carpeting and tile are being installed.

The concrete contractor is demolishing the sidewalk along Jefferson Street to prepare to pour new sidewalks and grading and landscaping work is moving along but it is also behind schedule.

hey still have a lot of work to do especially on Cedar Street, the way things are going this work is expected to be done around 2020.

Everybody involved in the sale of the hotel to a new investor hopes the transaction is completed before city council has to repay the $2 million loan it borrowed for the authority to help fund the construction on Dec. 6. Even after the sale the city should lose around 200-k on this sale.

Delays in completing the hotel spurred S & P Global to lower the city bond rating this year to BB+, which signifies non-investment grade bonds.

It looks like the pipe dream of this hotel opening this month, and bringing great wealth to the city has been-well a pipe dream only at this point, Once again Maggie Stocks poor leadership is still striking five years after she concocted this shitty idea.





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