Penn Township man drags off duty Butler Township Police officer with his car

Lee Rapsinski, 20, of Penn Township is in the Butler County Prison on $50,000 bail on felony assault and other charges.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon. Butler Township Patrolman Rachel Dovidio was off-duty when she came upon a possible assault. Two men- later identified as Rapsinksi and Nathan Terrill were reportedly involved in a physical altercation in the back seat of a Ford Escape that was stopped on Dinnerbell Road, in Jefferson Township.

During the altercation, Rapsinski is accused of brandishing a knife and telling Terrill, “I’m going to kill you,”

As the officer approached the vehicle, she says Rapsinksi got out of the vehicle, took off his license plate and attempted to get back in the car. The officer tried to stop him from leaving the scene but he sped off, “dragging Officer Dovidio from the door of the vehicle until she fell to the ground.”

In a Police statement they said the officer was not injured.

This young man knows a lot of police officers, including the fact that he was a police chief assistant, he will get probation for this due to the favoritism in this county.

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