April Hemphill tries to burn walmart-gets arrested for her troubles

April Hemphill, 32, of Brady Township was caught under ringing merchandise while shopping with her 9 year old daughter at the Butler Commons’ Walmart.

She is accused of under-ringing $182.62 in grocery items at the self-checkout registers.

Hemphill told police that she did not have enough money for all the items in her shopping cart. Police noted that she has two prior shoplifting convictions.

She is charged with a felony count of retail theft. Additionally, police said that she was given a trespass letter from Walmart.




    • I mean, is it just me or is this like a challenge all of a sudden…….lets see who can rip off Wal-Mart n get away with it……which no one does!!!!!😃😃


      • I have done some work in security and few of these people do get away with it. Surprisingly, more loss to stores comes from employees and it is for small stupid stuff.


    • JOHN, you don’t get to have it both ways with GOD. ONE time your praying for TRUMP AND his safety and now you want to pay some women to service your chemical needs. NO such thing as sitting on a fence with GOD. YOUR ether with him or against him.


    • don’t be upset because I HAVE exposed to these souls your own hypocrisy. I don’t stand as judge over you as a higher power reserves that right.


    • YOU can rest in peace now as i will not be posting any more and I shell not expose anymore of your dark secrets. I will be gone for a long time and may not ever get to grace these pages again. GOOD BY JOHN


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