Local idiot Christian Snyder, 57, Butler robs Sunoco at knife point-ends up getting arrested

Christian Snyder, 57, of Butler, lives a little over block away from the A-Plus on West Jefferson Street, walked into the store at 11:34. His face was covered and the hood of his sweatshirt was up over his head, brandished a 4-to-5-inch kitchen knife,  and told the clerk, “Give me all the money.”

The clerk, a 60-year-old man, opened the cash register and the robber took all or most of what was in till  5-dollar and 1 dollar bills.

The store’s surveillance camera captured the crime on video as well as the City Police have hundred of cameras in town and simply looked at the video cameras to see where he was running and what direction he was running.

Snyder ran away on McKinley Avenue and headed into a wooded area north of West Pearl Street. Patrolman Nicholas Shulik chased him down and rumor has it Shulik gave everyone on scene a German suplex.

The footage also led police to the knife thathe had tried to hide in the area of Broad Street during his attempted getaway.

Basically people there are cameras everywhere in the city of Butler, you can not hide from cameras in the city. DUH!

Snyder is being held in the Butler County Prison on $50,000 bail.

This was reported here first on Butler News at it happened last night.






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