Michael Jackson, 25 gets time served in armed home invasion

Michael Jackson, 25, was sentenced to time served to 23½ months in the Butler County Prison and released immediately on parole. He was also sentenced to 60 months probation and to pay court costs and $27,328.51 in restitution and to have no contact with the victim, Jackson says he will be leaving Butler and returning to Philadelphia upon his released.

Jackson, and two accomplishes  are accused of breaking into the home of Lisa Bishop and holding a gun under her chin while demanding to know where “Ginger” was.

Bishop was able to call 911 to report several men with guns and drugs broke into her home, and when police arrived she was found in the living room and directed officers to the men upstairs.

Butler Township police and state police assisted Butler police in surrounding the building. This turned into a standoff in Butler City, turning into the house being destroyed when Police shot smoke bombs and other devices through all the windows of the home.

The SWAT team after seven hours  located the three other men hiding in an attic above 430 Franklin St., which shares the space with Bishop’s home at 428 Franklin St., ending the seven-hour standoff. They found no drugs or the suppose gun on those three suspects, which is odd, as the Police even said there was no way they could have tossed the gun.

Days later a gun was found in the bushes, but from what we were told it was the wrong gun.




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