Turkey Giveaway rules

1) Turkey maybe different then pictured. I actually posted a picture of the turkey I am going to consume and pass out after I consume it all in one sitting.

2) Must post that you won the Turkey and post a picture with the turkey.

3) Do not enter if you are just a greedy prick

4) Only enter if this is needed.

5) If life is that hard for the winner Butler News can and will buy the “trimmings” for the winning family.

6) Please be a Butler County Resident or be able to meet me in Butler

7) Butler News is not responsible for gorging, overeating or passing out after eating an entire turkey in one sitting.

8) Chances are this will be a Giant Eagle turkey.

9) I can get a family in need the size turkey they need.

Pretty damn simple right? Lets not screw this up everyone.






  1. What a kind thing to do! I hope and prey that this goes to a family in real need & not someone whos just wants something for nothing! Many blessings to you Justin, for doing such a thoughtful act. Hopefully others will see this selfless act and do the same. As well as the winners, hope they remember this & pay it forward when they are able.


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