David Bemben escapes a constables custody this afternoon,sets off massive search

Bemben was cuffed and on his way to jail on minor charges.

The probation officer and constable had Bemben in custody coming down the steps when he took off handcuffed and ran into the woods. So everyone thought.

Bemben was wanted on minor charges, when probation and a constable arrived to pick him up over unpaid fines Bemben then hid in the roof of his apartment.

For two hours cops and search teams looked for Bemben, and as it turns out, as police were disbanding and ready to leave. Bemben was found laying under a car tow houses away from the house he took off from.

Bemben is expected to be charged with multiple felonies now, drug possession and escape. All of this over a few bucks in unpaid fines.

And to WPXI- scanner chatter and the only reporter covering the event-please. I was on the phone covering this and talking to the home owner before you were even a thought.

Bemben was placed in the Butler County Prison on multiple new charges, he will not be getting out anytime soon

photo (2)




  1. He was probably dealing drugs and thought he was getting busted for that. Cant understand why he would run for a traffic fine not paid.


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